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How we got here?

Get to Know Us

When you say "event," You say Orpaz.
Orpaz is an online event agency created with the only goal of assisting you with your events. We know how stressful it can be to organize everything when planning your dream event. We know your free time is limited due to work and daily duties. Or you do have the time, but you need to figure out which steps come first. We are conscious of your desire to see everything going smoothly. Also, we acknowledge the importance of creating memories that will last forever.
We had you in mind and came across to help you. We want to give you a breath of release by being there for you every step of the way. We chose to help you to carry that burden and to lift and take away that stress.
We are here to make you feel cared for and show you that your event matters to us, regardless of its size, budget, location, and occasion.
At Orpaz, we make it all about you. We live for your entire satisfaction. 
It all starts with a free 30 mins consultation where we meet each other. You tell us what you have in mind, and we work together to achieve it best.
Our motto is " WE GOT YOU," meaning we have your back. 

We believe in Humanity.

When creating or participating in an event, these are all the beautiful things that we always carry in our heart.
1- Family: each event honors family, even when they put an individual at the center of the celebration.
2- Individual beauty is what makes you special and unique.
3- Creativity is a never-ending expression of your beauty.
4- Sensibility reflects your appreciation of the present time and its gifts.
5- Integrity makes business partnerships and professional relationships grow.
6- Gratitude is what Orpaz feels toward you for your time, love, and support.
7- Making lives better is our purpose in the event industry. 

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