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Orpaz, Events and you. The best trio ever.

Dernière mise à jour : 26 juil. 2023

Welcome to the world of Orpaz!

My heart talks to me. It took me a while to understand that my heart has its language. Throughout the years, I have learned to understand each heartbeat's message. When I am close to someone I love, it beats differently than when facing lousy energy. Love puts a different rhythm in your heart, and it is up to you to be in phase with it. When I think about event planning, I can feel the melody changing. This is exactly what I was meant to do.

Yeeaah, I am a bee.

If you need to put a name on the human being on the other side of the screen, please call me "Bee". Weird, right? If you ask me why "Bee", I will tell you that it is a story for another day, and you surely would need a glass of wine or some Vodka Martini to calm you down after you find out that I made you wait for no reason. On that note, I welcome you, dear internet traveler, to my blog. I gladly invite you to support my dream and my not-so-good-yet writing skills.

You mean a lot to me.

I am grateful to have you as a reader. Having you go through my words gives value to my work. Together we will grow and will be planning the most successful events. I will share all my tips with you and will always be looking forward to your reaction. Why? Because you and your opinion matter to me.

Today, I only kept you for a short time. Just remember, I am just one blog away.


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